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From Fall 2004 Shows at the NY Improv:
Freeze Frame
Walt & Jason Play RM
Brooke, Laurice, Walt, Marquel Play RM
Catholic Family Sketch
Walt, Laurice, Jason, Raemond Play WMV
Laurice & Jason Play WMV
Foriegn Film
Laurice, Walt, Jason, Raemond Play WMV
Singing Psychiatrist
Brooke & Marquel Play WMV

From Spring 2005 Shows at the World Famous NY IMPROV:
Spero & Bill (They kiss) Play WMV
Singing Psychiatrist
Jason & Laurice Play WMV
Foriegn Opera
Walt & Marquel Sing, Caroline & Jason Translate Play WMV
Freeze Frame
Spero, Walt Play RM
Sound Effects
Bill & Brendan Play WMV
Singing Psychiatrist
Laurice & Jason Play RM
Walt & Laurice Play RM

From Summer 2005 Shows:
Singing Psychiatrist
Laurice & Robyn Play WMV
Spero, Brendan, Robyn Play RM
Beastie Rap
Various Clips Play WMV
1 to 5
Bill & Aaron Play RM
Walt & Laurice Play RM

From Fall 2005 at the World Famous NY IMPROV
1 to 5
Spero, Bill, Aaron Play RM
2 Headed Man
Walt, Bill & Spero Play RM
Foriegn Opera
Bill & Laurice Sing/Spero & Aaron Translate Play RM
Eggs (Cats/Sept)
Spero, Aaron, Bill Play RM
Eggs (Fiddler/Sept)
Spero, Aaron, Bill Play RM
Miracle Ear
Aaron, Spero, Laurice Play RM
Freeze Frame
Spero & Walt Play RM
American Idol Improv
Laurice, Spero, Jamie Play RM
Laurice, Lee, Bill, Spero Play RM
Bobby & Bill Play RM

Winter/Spring 2006 at the NY Improv
Sound Effects
Walt & Spero Play RM

Spring 2006 at the World Famous Laugh Factory
New Venue Promo for our Improv Shows
Full Cast
Play RM
Sound Effects
Spero & Walt Play RM

Summer 2006 at the World Famous Laugh Factory
(From Field Trip Show)
Laurice, Lee, Spero, Kelly Play RM
Ken & Laurice Play RM
Freeze Frame
Spero & Lee Play RM
Miracle Ear
Lee, spero, Laurice Play RM
Lee & Spero Play RM
Singing Shrink
Lee & Laurice Play WMV
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