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Parties & Private Event Bookings:
Book your party for any time of day and any day of the
week . Our current venue is a beautiful historical theatre
located in the heart of Times Square. The show hasl
hosted dozens of corporate events, fundraisers,  private
parties, afterproms and more.   We have ticket deals to
public shows  for groups of 10 + that include salad &  
dinner buffet.

Group Discounts
& School Trip Bookings
We can arrange for your group to get a special
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"Eight is NEVER Enough" Improv Show at the NY IMPROV
Played Over 350 public performances at the NY IMPROV  (now the Bway Comedy Club),  in
Nov 2004-Spring 2006, before moving the the Laugh Factory until fall of 2006 when the
show briefly moved to an off-broadway theatre located at the Edison Hotel. The show
moved back to the former Laugh Factory (Currently the Times Square Arts Center) where
it is currently resides as the house improv troupe. Eight is NEVER Enough has since
played over 3000 performances including shows for special events, schools, colleges and
bway style theatres.
Below are clips and pictures from Improv shows at the former NY IMPROV
Comedy Club. It is now known as the Broadway Comedy Club. Eight is NEVER
Enough ran over 350 improv comedy shows at this club before moving in the
spring of 2006 to the Laugh Factory which later became the Times Square
Comedy Club. Eight has been the house troupe at this venue for over 4 years.

Improv Switch
Walt Frasier, Bobby Johnson & Bill Beyrer Play Clip Rm

Improv 1 Min to 5 seconds
Aaron Blumberg, Spero Chumas& special Guest Bill Play Rm

Two Headed Man Improv featuring Walt Frasier & Billy Beyrer
1 man 2  heads Walt & Bill  - Play Clip Real Video

Freeze Frame - From Summer '05 Show Play Clip RM
Walt Frasier & Spero Chumas

Foreign Opera Improv Laurice Fattal & Billy Beyrer . Two singers make up
music in a fake language. Two players translate what they say to each other
for the audience.
From Friday 10/7/05
Play Clip RM
Laurice & Bill

Switch Improv- "Three Little Pigs" Walt Frasier, Bill, Spero Chumas, Aaron
Play Clip RM

Eggs  - "Kung Fu Cats - The Musical"  Improv  with guest  Russell Crowe
Bill, Spero, Aaron . Walt Frasier Piano
Play Clip RM

Eggs - Magnetic Relationship and Michael Jackson with
Play Clip RM

Freeze Frame -  History Lesson
By Professor Wellington and his nephew "Jimmy"
Spero & Walt
Play Clip

This is on the Out-Takes Page
Walt Frasier & Laurice Fattal  "Ice Cream Man"
Play Clip RM

Song Improv "Blues" - Nail Biting Blues Play Clip
Lee , Laurice, Billy, Spero

Sumo Wrestler is hit with the "Gutter Ball" Play Clip RM
Laurice, Brooke Hoover, Billy

Columns Moment Play Clip RM  "Gutter Ball"

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Walt Frasier & Bobby Johnson
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