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Here is a small list of interactive improv games that  we perform at our
improv for kids shows and workshops: See our Study Guides and Handbook
for a more comprehensive list of
Improv performance tips, warm up games
and more.

ABC Game
Not as easy as a 123. 2 players perform a scene based on audience
suggestion.The scene begins with one of the players starting the sentence
with a letter. The next sentence must begin with the next letter in the
alphabet. When the alphabet has gone full circle the scene is over.

Late For School
Similar to charades. 4  players begin:  2  of the players are students in the
class. The other 2 playrs are either the teacher  or late student. The late
student has to explain to the teacher why they were late for school and how
they got to school by watching the actions of the other 2 students.

There is a huge disaster that our superheros must solve. 1st player starts
as 3 others join in one at a time. Each Superheros names the title and
powers of the next superhero to enter the scene.

Worlds Worst
5 players form a line facing the audience. When the players get an idea they
step forward and demonstrate the "worlds worst (blank)"

TV and Movie Styles
Players start out the scene with a basic suggestion (an activity, place,
relationship etc). From time to time the MC will yell "Freeze" and will prompt
the audience for a favorite movie or tv show. The players will continue the
scene in the style suggested.

Several players  and a few audience members are brought on stage. One or
two players narrate what is happening in  various snap shots as the actors
and audience members make different poses for each snapshot.

Sit, Stand, Lean
3 Players. All 3 players must be  leaning, sitting or standing during the entire

2 teams face off.  2 players begin and must speak only in questions. First
one to get stumped is out.  The next player on the team must step in place
and continue the scene with the other player.

Freeze Tag
2 players start the scene. Group members yell "freeze" and take the place
of one of the players. Then they must begin a new situation in the same

More favorites:
Party Quirks
Dating Game
One Word Story
Sound Effects
Two Headed Man
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Teamwork in Improv

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