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Improv Games
Eight is NEVER Enough's Favorite Improv Games
There are literally 100's of improv games and these are some of the
most popular that we present in our shows. This page describes how to
play each game and offer free examples and video clip examples.
Improv Games
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Audience Sound Effects
Two audience volunteers are invited on stage to provide the sound effects for two actors up on stage.  
They can lead the actors into a sound effect or the actors can prompt the sound effect by an action or
Watch clip!

The performers improvise a story in the style of various authors suggested by the audience. The MC/
hosts asks the audience for the authors and conducts the story by pointing to the actors to tell story in
said style throughout various points of the story.
Watch a Clip of the "Authors" Improv on stage!

Beat Box Improv
This requires a good sense of rhythm among the players. Four players enter the stage as the MC gets
a suggestion for a favorite sport, food, animal or movie, etc. The first player lays down a very basic
beat. Then each player adds on his or her own layer/beat. Once all four player have reached a steady
rhythm as a group the first player steps downstage and raps four lines about the suggsted subject in
the format of AA/BB. Once those for lines are finished the player steps back and the next player does
the same. When all four players have gone the first player throws out one line for the second player to
rhyme. Then the third player throws out a line for the last player to rhyme with. The song finishes by
everybody repeating the final line by the last player. Confused yet?
Watch Beat Box

This improv is great for getting audience members on stage. Two actors perform a scene and two
audience volunteers are seated on each side of the stage. From time to time the actors will point to the
audience members to "fill in the blanks" of either a sentence or word.
Watch a clip

Day in the Life (Modern Dance)
An audience member is interviewed for details from a specific personal life experience or event.
Players act out the event by recreating mini scenes to a modern dance or ballet. This can also be done
as a musical.
Watch a clip of Day in the LIfe Improv

Film and Theatre Styles
The MC asks the audience for a variety of theatre and film styles (horror, suspense, action, romantic
comedy, etc) Two players start off the scene in no particular style. From time to time the MC will say
"freeze" and give the actors one of the suggested styles. The two actors continue the same scene in
the style call out by the MC.
Watch Youtube Clip

Foreign Opera
Two players sing in a made up language (gibberish style) and two others interpret what they are
singing after each line. Can be done acapella, with piano or guitar. Watch
Youtube Clip of Foreign
Opera Improv

Foreign Language/Foreign Film
Same as foreign Opera but without the music

Freeze Frame or Human Slideshow
Audience volunteers are asked to come on stage and pose with the actors in a series of
pictures/slides. 1-2 players narrate the slides as a vacation, historical event, area of expertise, etc.
Watch Clip

Hitchhiking Emotions
Four players one by one join in on a car ride started by one player as the driver. The players take on
various emotions given from the audience. As the driver picks up each hitcher, the entire car takes on
that emotion. Watch our
Students perform this improv game.

Irish Drinking Song AKA Irish Jig
The players sing a song about a topic in the style of an irish drinking song or "irish jig" Watch clip

Improv Madrigals
A capella choral song weaving a series of audience suggestions. Each player is given an initial
statement (usually a newspaper headline). After each player adds their suggestions, a musical
treatment and builds into a fugue-like choral work, the players mix and match the lines and various
elements to create new absurd headlines/statements.
Watch a clip of Improv Madrigals

One to Five
Players act out a 1 minute scene timed by the MC. The same scene repeats at 30 seconds, 15
seconds, 10 seconds, 5 seconds while maintaining the basic structure of the original.

PBS Interview/Miracle Ear
Player one interviews player two, the author of a new book title suggested by the audience. Third
player fills in for the missing sign language interpreter by acting out everything in the interview.
Youtube Clip

Prom Date
This is a musical guessing game. All set to music, the "promdate" has to guess three things about
his/herself given by the audience: a job/occupation, quirk/tick and mode of transportation to the prom.  
The other two players (the parent and date) help drop clues to the "promdate" until they guess each of
the given things through the magic of song.

Singing Shrink/Psychiatrist
3 Player are each given a quirk by the audience and must sing about their problems to the therapist.
The therapist sings back to them a solution or advice on the problem.
Watch a clip of Singing Shrink

Sing It/Speak it
Players act out a scene about a suggested topic. When the MC prompts them to "Sing it!", they player
must sing a song beginning with the last line of dialogue until the MC says "Speak it".
Watch Clip

Two Headed Man
Two performers must speak in unison as one person. Usually the MC asks the audience for a job that
the two headed man is coming to interview for. Then the interviewer asks the two headed man various
questions that the two performers must answer together as one.
Watch Clip

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