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Basic Improv Games & Exercises for classes, rehearsals,
team-Building: Here is a list of some of our favorite Games!

NEW - We have created a study guide with loads of educational materials for teachers to use.
CLICK HERE TO download OUR study guide with lists of games, glossary of terms, word find puzzles and
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Freeze Tag
2 Players begin a scene as the others form a semi-circle around the
scene. An Emcee yells "freeze". The person at the front where the
semi-circle and takes the position of one of the players in the scene. A
new scene/situation begins in that position. Players continue to rotate as
the circle goes one full round. Great for ages 8 and up.

1 Minute to 5 Seconds
The Emcee gets a suggestion from the audience for noun and a verb (exp
"Table" "Skipping". 2 Players perform a 60 second scene about this topic.
When they hit 60 seconds the scene is over and they must repeat the
same scene again: action for action, motion for motion but in 30 seconds.
After 30 seconds they must repeat the scene again in 15 seconds, then 10
until they count down to 5 seconds.
Emotional Roller Coaster
An Emcee takes a list of emotions from the audience. 2 Players perform in a scene that changes emotions when directed by the Emcee.

Film & Theatre Styles
2 Players are given a scene and then various film/theatre/tv styles to act it out in - exp "horror" "action" "shakespeare" "soap opera" etc

Speak It Sing It
3 Players act out a scene. They break out into song when the Emcee says "Sing it"

Alphabet Game
2 Players perform in a scene with each sentence starting with successive letters of the alphabet

Authors Game
Actors get suggestions of various authors from the audience. Each actor picks an author and tells a story in the style of that author while the
MC "directs" the scene by pointing to the actors and deciding who speaks next.

Worlds Worst
Great for kids! The MC asks for a suggestion - a profession, a place, an event. etc. The players line up across the stage and step forward
when they get an idea and demonstrate the "Worlds Worst" of said idea/suggestion. Once they have done so they step back in line and the
hilarity will ensue.

Day in the Life
The Emcee gets an audience member to go through a "memorable" day in their life. After writing down the basic outline of that day, the cast
re-enacts that day through an interpretive modern dance.

Switch Improv
Two or more actors play a scene. The MC says "switch" the actors must change the last thing they said or action they did to something else.

Hitchhiking Emotions
The MC asks the audience for  various emotions and  4 players are each assigned a suggested emotion.  Starting with the driver, one by
one the players enter the car.  As each player enters, the assigned emotion of that player takes over the entire vehicle.  Once all four players
are inside the car, they must find a reason to exit, one by one  in the order that they were picked up. As each player exits, the next players
emotion retakes over the car again until the driver is left alone with her/her original emotion.  FUN GAME!

Party Quirks
3 Players are guests at a party and 1 player is the host. The host is sent out of the room while each party guest is assigned a "quirk" from
the audience. When the party host re-enters, the party guests exit. As the guests enter the party,  it is up to host to guess each quirk.

Prom Date
3 players - One player the "prom date", One player a parent and on player the daughter/son going out with the "prom date". The "Prom Date"
is sent out of the room and the audience assigns three things the "prom date"  must guess. 1st- their profession, 2nd - a strange quirk they
have, and 3rd - a method of transportation to get to  prom.  When they prom date enters to pick up his/her date to the prom, it is up to the
parent and son/daughter to drop hints to the "prom date" for him/her to guess their profession, quirk and mode of transportation. It is all
done through the magic of song.

Beat Box
4 Players make up 4 lines each about a topic or suggestion. One by one they each lay down a beat. One by one they make up their 4 lines
about the topic in the style of AABB.

Audience Sound Effects
2 Audience members supply the sound effects for 2 players in the scene.

Warm Ups:

21 Countdown
Players form in a circle and must count randomly to 21. No two players can speak at the same time. Listening Skills are essential and this
is great for focusing energy

Tag Team Questions
2 teams face off in a scene where they are only allowed to speak in questions. Can swap players as needed.

One Word Story
Players form a circle and must complete an entire story with each player adding one word as the story circulates.

First and Last Letter
Variation of One-Word Story. Players stand in a circle and tell a story each adding only one sentence.   Each player must begin the  first word
of thier sentence with the last letter of the last word of the previous player.

Click HERE for our Improv Study Guides, glossary of tmprov terms, acting directing basics, and our word-find puzzle
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