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How To Improvise: THE WHO & Creating a Character

In every story (movie, play, book), we get to know the main characters at the beginning, also known
as the exposition. In improvisation, THE WHO refers to both the characters AND the relationships of
the scene. Making a big choice regarding THE WHO will help you determine where to go with the

CHARACTER is determined by numerous factors. Think about all of the elements that make you
YOU. Name, age, shape, size, physical enhancements / disabilities, upbringing, job, occupation,
friends, enemies, family etc. WHen creating characters, dive deep into who you are. If you have
reoccuring characters (
LIKE JIMMY – LMAO) take some time and think about the history of the
character, like you would for a scripted work. The more specific you get, the stronger your character
choice. The stronger your character choice, the easier it will be to continue a scene.

Before entering stage MAKE A CHOICE!Say to yourself, this character will stand out because
________ (Physical, emotional, vocal or other trait) If you can make three choices. In acting 101 I
always tell actors to choose three things that make the character different from you. Habitual
Gesture, Reoccuring pain, glasses, hat, favorite jacket etc.

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