Interactive Improv & Team Building
On a Corporate Level
Strengthening and developing valuable business communication skills through basic improvisation and motivational theatre. Humor enhances motivation, collaboration and team-building.

Our short form group comedy games and exercises are fun, entertaining and motivational.  Your team will have the opportunity to participate in activities which are designed to  help boost morale and help them work together more effectively. These games of quick wit and skill can be used as a tool to help individuals think on thier feet.  Our troupe will custom design a special corporate competition for your event.

The  Improvisation Fundamentals - lessons of agreement, communication and listening are the same fundamentals that are applicable to life and work life. The sessions feature exercises in breaking people out of their  comfort zone and ultimately having an amazing time doing so in a supportive structure.

All team buidling workshops are led by Walt Frasier. Mr. Frasier has been featured on the WE network multiple times for his expertise in coaching through group leadership activities More info on Walt Frasier.

These simple techniques can substantially increase performance in:

Problem Solving
Self- Confidence

Customer Service


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