"Get a good idea, stay with it,
Dog it, and work at it until it's done,
and done right." -- Walt Disney
What is Improv anyway?
Improv theatre is a comedy form where performers create unscripted and unplanned skits, songs and dances from scratch with the help of the audiences's suggestions. This means no two shows are ever alike thanks the creative minds of some of NYC's finest performers.

Interactive Improv Show (45-90 Minutes)

Interactive Improv Shows are fun for just about any event.These are short form improv shows in which every scene begins with a suggestion from the audience. These scenes are presented in 3-4 minutes and are fast paced and comedy driven.   Completely unscripted, audience interaction makes for an  action-packed "edge of your seat"  comedy show. The best part about improv is that you never know what is going to happen next.  Our troupe has custom designed dozens of improv shows for special corporations, conferences, presentations and all types of special events.

Some of our favorite improvs include:

Our Signature Games

Movie and TV Styles - Prom Date - Hitchhiking Emotions - Party Quirks - Columns - Speak N Sing It -The Dating Game - Quick Trip - Switch - 1 to 5 - Miracle Ear - Superheros - Slide Show - Audience Sound Effects - Freeze Tag - Sports Contest - One Word Story - World's Worst - Foreign Film - Alphabet game - Sit/Stand/Lean - Stunt Doubles - Back in Time- Questions - Emotional Rollercoaster 

Musical Improvs:
Blues, March, Tango
Sing It/Speak It
Singing Shrink/Doctor
Day in the Life (Modern Dance)
Prom Date
Beat Box
Opera Translation

Improv Video Clips:
To see some examples and clips from live improv shows taped in front of huge NYC audiences click here.

You can also visit our Youtube and Facebook pages for more videos.

Improv Resources:

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For a full list of improv games and theatre warm ups Click HERE

For a glossary of improv theatre terms click HERE

For a reading list of great books on improv click HERE

and done right." -- Walt Disney
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