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NYC Sponsor Opportunities
Get the word out about your business and show that you support the arts!
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Marketing Sponsors-Flyers
If you have a business or restaurant in Times Square then this is a perfect alternative to sending out old flyers. We put our show on one side of the flyer and advertise your business on the back. You also recieve a mention and thank you in our program. Our street teams distribute hundreds of flyers weekly to tourists and locals in New York City.  We distribute 5000 flyers with your products on it in Times Square at TKTS.

Charity Event Sponsors - Fundraisers
Your company matches the funds we raise at the door and we donate the entire door and your matching funds to the charity. If you are part of a charity organization and would like to hold a fundraiser for your cause then contact us about booking an event where we arrange to donate 100% of the ticket price to your charity.

Special Promotions
You send your promotional reps and team to our club to help promote your product. We can also do product placement in our sketches and scenes.  Street Teams, Guerilla Style and Word of mouth promos. Great for unconvetional advertising campaigns. Great opportunity for local wine and beer distributers.

Other Promotions
Your product launches freebies, t-shirts and special giveaways at our event. You can offer free services in rafflers drawings, trips, dinners to help promote your business. We can do drawings and door prizes that will advertise your products as well. We advertise in our press releases, flyers, website and programs. 
Entertainment Services
Event Organizers - Check out Group Sales
Teachers and Students - Workshops