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Currently in it's 10th Season, "Eight is NEVER Enough!" is
the product of talent and vision.  The troupe consists of
NYC performers and artists that are dedicated to
captivating audiences through old school comedy
entertainment.  This energetic cast comes from a variety of
backgrounds including the dramatic stage, film, tv,
stand-up, opera, classical and musical theatre.  
If you turn
the "8" on its side you will find an infinity sign
- "nothing is
ever enough"
- there is no such thing as too much heart
and ENERGY on stage.
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Our improv shows have served as a great source of quality entertainment for professionals, students and tourists of all ages
throughout the NYC and tri-state area. Eight
is NEVER Enough began it's first official sketch comedy run in the spring of
2003 which ran for 15-weeks at
The Producer's Club Theatre in Times Square.  After establishing a style and show structure,
the company began touring Military Bases,
Colleges (University of MD, Mt. Ida College, Stonehill College, High Point
Unviersity),  Comedy Clubs, Night Clubs/& Music Venues (
The Knitting Factory), Corporate Events, Theatres and schools. In
the spring of 2003, the troupe created a brief online series of 4 live world wide web casts filmed at
Pseudo's TV Studios
(Pseudo.com) located in SoHo.  The performers have also developed a series of other projects and shows including  
LMAO-ff Broadway"  and "Improv 4 Kids".  The troupe has been invited to perform at hundreds of events throughout the
east coast and has played over 3000 public performances throughout NYC. From spring of 2006 to fall 2009, Eight is NEVER
Enough served as the house troupe at World Famous Laugh Factory
inside the Times Square Arts Center.  They then
launched a major schedule of off-broadway performances  running 8 public shows weekly from fall of 2009 to 2011 with
LMAO.  You can now catch the troupe performing at Broadway Comedy Club.  In addition, the show hosts dozens of shows
field trips every month to school groups visiting NYC. Click HERE for more info on upcoming events.

Eight is NEVER Enough has a variety of influences including classic theatrical and television comedy shows from the 20th
century.  As one of the few NY-based improv companies focusing on *short-form* improvisation
.  Audience participation is
always key as each show incorporates volunteers and ideas from the crowd into every scene, skit and song.   Specializing in
music, physical comedy and old
-school slapstick, Eight is NEVER Enough is dedicated to presenting high energy shows for
all ages.
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